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Discover the Art of Self-Care wellbeing for Happiness and health🌟🌿

Discover our Youtube Channel featuring soothing relaxing music accompanied by stunning High Definition (HD) nature scenes from across the world. Featuring waterfalls in Norway, humpback whales off the coast of Greenland, or fly with us over tropical beaches. Relaxing has never been more beautiful. Our focus on self care is made simple and is enhanced with our Guided Meditations

Beautiful Yoga Chakra Poster

Yoga has been a self care staple for people across the world for centuries. We have designed a beautifully illustrated Yoga Chakra poster to take your Yoga practice to another level

YouTube comments

It was lovely and the voice is amazing, I really struggle with listening to alot of baby voices on meditation videos in here (on YouTube) but this was amazing!

Thank you! xcellent!Invigoratingly beautiful!!!!

Very relaxing..bliss

Weirdly enough this video appeared as an ad while i’m listening to my playlist. I’m not complaining, cause most of the ads have annoying music, not this one

Grateful for nature, animals and wonderful human beings who respects this all. Relaxing Video and music. Thanks Frederick& Fischer